Suspended Coffee Fund

The Hot Chocolate Lounge is leading the way in Doncaster as one of the first independent cafés to join the Suspended Coffees movement – an international initiative that lets customers spread some happiness by buying a cuppa for someone in their local community.

Nothing could be easier and here’s how it works:

According to the founders: “A suspended coffee is the advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who needs it, no matter why. But it really is about so much more than the coffee. It can provide physical comfort, conversation, a smile or even a laugh, and a sense of belonging. The spirit and ambition of the Suspended Coffees movement is supported by thousands of cafés around the world, places that are at the hub of local communities, serving suspended coffees (and more) and sharing goodwill and compassion every day.”

The Hot Chocolate Lounge is encouraging customers, suppliers, businesses and organisations to show their goodwill and community spirit by supporting the initiative and treating recipients to a cuppa or a snack. Drop in or contact the Lounge to make a contribution where all donations, big or small, will be gratefully received.

Here’s what one midwife working with young parents and mums-to-be had to say:

“I wanted to say thanks for the generous donation and for setting up the café session for the teens. They really enjoyed the session and particularly the relaxed café atmosphere. They much preferred this environment to the more formal setting of the hospital. We were able to chat about healthy eating in pregnancy, breastfeeding and home safety and they seemed to take on board the information as they were more relaxed drinking your amazing hot chocolate and delicious cakes. Thanks for the donation Julie and thanks again for the use of the Hot Chocolate Lounge and the drinks and cakes.”

Ricky Hurley
Positive Start Midwife
Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS Trust

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